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Workshops in Zelem organised by vzw Folkmjuzik:

Welcome at the 6the music-workshop in Zelem (Halen)! Lydie Thonnard, Simone Bottasso and Toon Van Mierlo will teach this time.

The workshops will take place the weekend of 9-10/3/’24

On saterday evening (20h) Lydie Thonnard, Simone Bottasso & Naragonia will play a concert.

The workshops will taken place in De Wiekslag in Zelem:

If you want to subscribe for the workshop or if you want more info about the workshop or concert: please send a email to

Contents workshops:

Lydie Thonnard (Bodypercussion & voice):

The voice is undoubtedly the most natural instrument, since it belongs to our body and we use it from birth. During this day, I propose to take you on a voyage of discovery of different countries and traditions, with songs from here and elsewhere.

Body percussion is the use of the body as an instrument to produce sound. This musical principle is instinctive and can provide rhythmic support for singing. We’ll explore different styles and phrasings, while working on the sound of striking different parts of the body.

In this workshop, where everything is taught orally, we’ll combine vocal polyphony with body percussion, all in a spirit of listening, exploration and confidence.

Required level:

Open to people aged 15 and over who are used to playing music in a group.

More about Lydie:

Simone Bottasso (masterclass GC diatonic accordion)

Advanced “funky diatonic accordion” workshop: rhythms and polyrhythms with the diato!

it’s highly recommended to bring:

  • a 3-row accordion (or 2 1/2 rows)
  • recorder, metronome, pencils and paper at musique🎙️
  • lots of curiosity, questions and smiles🤩

For all that concerns groove and happiness…it’s me who’s going to take care of it !👩‍🎤

Required level: advanced players (masterclass)

More about Simone:

Toon Van Mierlo (GC diatonic accordion)

Medium class for lovers of GC diatonic accordion about variations on a melody. 

How can I make ornamentations and variations as well in the left as in the right hand. 

How can we make our music more expressive and more beautiful and what are the techniques to make this sound well. 

The level is intermediate,  so not suitable for absolute. 

Required level: The level is intermediate,  so not suitable for beginners. 

More about Toon:

Hope to see you at the workshop and/or the concert 🙂