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Workshops in Zelem organised by vzw Folkmjuzik:

Welcome at the 5the music-workshop in Zelem (Halen)! Maarten Decombel, Olle Geris and Pascale Rubens will teach this time.

The workshops will take place the weekend of 25-26 of november ’23

On saterday evening (20h) Naragonia, Maarten Decombel and Olle Geris will play a concert.

The workshops will taken place in De Wiekslag in Zelem:

If you want to subscribe for the workshop or if you want more info about the workshop or concert: please send a email to

These are the contents of each workshop:

Maarten Decombel (Folk-guitar):


They are a rare rarity, the folk groups without a guitarist. Folk guitar remains the instrument par excellence to accompany other musicians. She can sound like a driving engine with coloring chords, but also like a tight rhythm box. The wider your palette as a guitarist, the more fascinating you can make your accompaniment.

During this two-day workshop we will provide a number of tracks that will allow you to deepen and enrich your guitar-playing. We apply all tips immediately through exercises and melodies. We will certainly talk about rhythm figures in the right hand (how to accompany a jig / waltz / scottish) but also plectrum technique, how to color chords, improvisation, mute, … We mainly play with plectrum.

Attention! This workshop is not a tune-learning workshop. The focus is on accompaniment, chords and rhythm playing.

Required level: This workshop is intended for guitarists who have been playing for a few years. The tuning of your guitar (standard tuning or open tuning) does not matter.

Bring along: music paper, writing materials, recording material, pupiter (possibly), capo, spare strings, plectrum and your guitar of course.

Olle Geris (G bagpipe)

Have you already mastered the art of playing the bagpipes, but are it always the same 2 fingers that can’t resist brightening up your melodies?
Do you therefore want to immerse yourself completely in playing technique and decorations on the bagpipes for a few days, in the first place to do full justice to the cadence and the danceability of a melody, but certainly also for your own pleasure … take up the challenge to try using those other fingers!
…if you want to go home with new techniques and practice examples in addition to new melodies, then this internship is just for you!
All the melodies are taught in groups and by ear!
The scores are made available to the participants at the beginning of the internship, but will not be used during group work, so it is very important that you can easily take over things by ear and that you know all the notes on your chanter.

Required level: advanced players

Pascale Rubens (GC diatonic accordion, 2,5 or 3 row)


You can learn thousands of melodies on the diatonic accordion, but the instrument is also ideal for accompanying. And that is an exciting and fun world in itself! What are the possible rhythms? How can I vary harmonically? How do I guide a scottish, a jig, a mazurka …? How can I find the accompaniment chords for a melody? What do I do when it says Dm7? Endless….

Required level: You should already know the chords on your right hand.

Hope to see you at the workshop and/or the concert 🙂